In Seattle's SODO Neighborhood

Did you know that the world's largest coffee company, Starbucks, is based in Seattle?  The Starbucks Headquarters building, just a few blocks south of the sports stadiums, is worth a quick side trip if you're in the vicinity.

Starbucks Headquarters Bldg

Located near Mariner Baseball team's Safeco Field, you can walk or drive south about four blocks on 1st Avenue and check out the Starbucks Center which is Starbuck's world headquarters. You can park for free in front of the building for up to two hours.

Old Sears BuildingAlso located in Seattle's SODO district (for South of Downtown), this interesting old building was renovated from a former Sears, Roebuck, and Co. catalog distribution center, pictured as it appeared in it's early days.

SODO KitchenWhile visiting Starbucks Center you can either buy a latte inside the building lobby or take an elevator to the third floor and dine at the SODO Kitchen which is open to the public for breakfast and lunch.

You'll mingle with Starbucks HQ employees while dining on fresh seasonally authentic cooking. Entrees are under $10 and include such offerings as Rotisserie Lemon Oregano Chicken with a signature SODO Kitchen Macaroni & Cheese, St. Jude’s Albacore Tuna, Draper Valley Tandoori Chicken, SODO Rueben, and Quattro Formaggio pizza from the wood stone pizza oven.

Hall of HistoryAfter your lunch you can walk the "Hall of History" outside the restaurant and enjoy historic photographs of the Sears/Starbucks building as it has evolved since its construction in 1912.

The Starbucks siren, from one of the world's most recognizable logos, now peeks out from above the clock tower atop this historic building.

After concluding your visit to the Starbucks Headquarters building, you can head north back to downtown and visit other Seattle Attractions.

Alternatively, you can walk four blocks east on Lander Street until you hit the "Busway" and Sound Transit Link Light Rail's SODO Station on a bus-only street that enters the underground bus tunnel at the International District.


Starbucks Center
2401 Utah Ave South
Seattle, WA 98134
Starbucks Logo on Starbucks Center
Starbucks Center